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Thanks for Submitting!
Just one more step..

Thanks for those details!

Now I just need a picture of each side of your house so I can count up your windows and generate your quote : )


I've recently made the choice to scale back from 4 employees and "go solo". In an effort to save my time and try to keep it focused on cleaning the windows, I now do my quotes exclusively "over-the-phone". These pictures are the way I can do so!

How to take your pictures

Please take pictures of your house using these guidelines:

          - Take one picture of each side of your house (4 total)

          - Take each picture from far away, so the whole side of the house                 is visible in the picture

          - If any windows are not visible in the first 4 pictures, please take                   another picture from a different perspective, or from inside your 


How to submit your pictures

Please submit your pictures one of these two ways:

          - By email: send an email to                                    containing the pictures of your house. Please attach                                    your full name in the email as well.

          - By text: send an text to (303) 424 - 8080 containing the pictures                              of your house. Please attach your full name in the text as                            well.

Thank you!

Please bare with me as the recent transition in scaling back my business has left me quite busy! Please allow up to one week for me to get back to you with your quote.

Please rest assured that if you have filled out the survey and submitted your pictures this will be the quickest way to receive your quote! I will get your quote to you ASAP, thank you for your patience : )

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